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Daniele Martines
Teacher of Drama & Voice
My name is Daniele and I’m from Germany. Since I was a little child I was fascinated by the theatre and performing. I started to perform in children’s musicals and took my first music lessons in clarinet and singing. Even at an older age I followed my passion and performed as Prince Charming in a modern adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland”. I decided to study theatre, media and musicology at the University of Bayreuth. During my studies I participated in a lot of theatre and film projects. I performed as Dorian Gray in “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, co-directed “A Dangerous Game” and directed a theatre adaptation of “The Homesman”, which I also shot as a theatre-movie-hybrid. Beside my studies I also worked at the Mainfranken Theatre as a dramaturge assistant for the opera production of “Fidelio”. I’ve worked at the University Movie studios which has given me a cinematographic point of view of the performing art disciplines. During my studies I learned a lot of different theories about theatre, drama, acting, movie and music which I would like to share with all my students at Athena Collage.
Nikki Chong
Teacher of Drama
Hey my name is Nikki and I teach drama and singing here at Athena College. As soon as my Mum put me in a pink tutu when I was little, I knew the stage was for me. I always wanted to be a ballerina until I fell in love with musical theatre. I have performed as Jan from 'Grease', Princess Tuptim in 'The King and I' and Reno Sweeny in 'Anything Goes' to name a few. As much as I loved performing, I am studying to become an animator at university so I can bring even more characters to life. The performing arts has taught me a lot of life skills that I don't just use in the performance industry so I'm really excited to pass on my knowledge to the students here at Athena College.